What Others Are Saying About the CALF Program

“Besides all the specific learning I had during the CALF program about the key differentiations, the nuts and bolts of NVC, the biggest piece for me was stepping into companionship. What I mean is that until this program, I was terrified of showing my NVC skills to other practitioners… I am not good enough… They all know better than me… Once I jumped in with the group, heard and felt the shared path, the vulnerability, I could tap into my own vulnerability and authenticity, and I believe that is when integration starts happening. My deepest gratitude to Faye and my fellow calves!!”

 ~ Genevieve Keller


“Joining the CALF program was the single-most helpful step I’ve taken in support of my journey toward trainer certification.  The connection, learning, and integration I gained from this program keeps growing every day, and I am very grateful.”

 ~ Marilyn Mullen


“CALF program was a super self-directed opportunity to learn and share inside of a supportive bubble.  I was thrilled to build community within a niche of individuals of varying skill interested in certification.  From the seasoned and the new, I was inspired and helped to cultivate my personal style.  I learned I didn’t have to know it all, and was able to surrender to this being a journey…I am right where I need to be and have valuable loveliness to offer.  I was a bit stuck around certification and this program loosened the earth so I could grow and progress toward my goal.  It was a delicious combination of structured learning, experiential teaching and connection building. Gracias Giraffes. ”  ~ A.T.  



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