Overview of the CALF Program: Candidates’ Active Learning Program

We Have a New In Depth Website:  Click:     New 2015-16 Calf Website

 The 2015-16 CALF Program in Brief

To support knowing, teaching and living NVC in integrity with the values of NVC consciousness and to work together in community with support and play

for Candidates Seeking NVC Certification As Well As

All Others Offering NVC Who Are Not on the Certification Path

For Individuals Who Have Found a Strong Bond with the Principles of NVC and

Want to Share It

 To apply for the CALF Program with no obligation, click the link:   

2015-16 Application Form


The CALF program is for those who want to facilitate and offer NVC.    This includes those who have no intention to apply  for certification,   those who want to be certified, and  those who are already registered with any of the CNVC assessors:

1.   Candidates who have committed to engage in the certification process and have registered with Sylvia as their assessor

2.   Candidates who intend to engage in the certification process and have not yet registered with Sylvia as their assessor

3. Individuals with a base in the practice of NVC who desire to learn the NVC training process in order to offer workshops, classes, teleclasses, practice groups as a non-certified trainer, and do not plan to register for certification

4.  Candidates who are registered with an assessor other than Sylvia who want a community, a learning advantage and mentoring.

What needs might you be connected to by joining us?

 We are guessing that some needs may be as follows: community, confidence, competence, support, inclusion, acceptance, accountability,  trust, love, celebration, joy, contribution, growth, connection

Step #1  apply, click the link:   No Obligation Application Form To Get You Started

You will be contacted by the CALF team.

Questions?      Comments? 

Contact us through email to info@nvccalf.com or through our contact page on the New CALF website.





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